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Created by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

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Whizz Bang Winnie

Whizz-Bang Winnie

In Hot Cross Winnie a trip to the shops turns into a hunt for a missing Wilbur; in Winnie’s Book Day a problem with reading doesn’t stop Winnie from bringing stories to life for a class of children; in Winnie Gets Cracking she creates a ‘chocodile’ capable of laying chocolate eggs; and in Whizz-Bang Winnie Winnie gets her skates on in a ‘hot wheels’ race.

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  • Whizz Bang Winnie
  • Whizz Bang Winnie
  • Whizz Bang Winnie


  1. ‘The pictures, as ever, bristle with an inspired lunacy that 5+ love.’

    Amanda Craig, The Times
  2. Whizz Bang Winnie is a magnificent, magical and powerful book about a clumsy cat and a wonderful witch.

    We really enjoyed reading this story because it made us laugh so much. My favourite part was when Winnie tripped over Wilbur and also when she tried to give him some sunglasses!

    Trina and Jack
  3. We would give this book 5 stars out of 5!

    Tilly and Abi
  4. We loved ‘Whizz Bang Winnie’ because it is hilarious and it hooks you in. Our favourite part was the look on Winnie’s face when she found out that Wilbur was gone!

    Nico and Robert
  5. I love Whizz Bang Winnie because it made me laugh till my stomach was sore and made me want to read on and on!
    My favourite part of the book is when Winnie magics a watering can up in the air and forgets that cats do not like water. I rate this book 5 stars out of 5.

    Libby, Northamptonshire
  6. I love the characters of Winnie and Wilbur because they just make me want to read more. 10/10!


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