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Created by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

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The Pirate Adventure

The Pirate Adventure

Climb aboard with Winnie for a pirate adventure!
When Winnie and Wilbur arrive at Cousin Cuthbert’s party dressed as a pirate and a parrot, they discover a whole crew in fancy dress, eager for excitement on the high seas! Winnie is ready with her magic to whisk her shipmates aboard, but will they be back with the treasure before the party’s over?

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  • The Pirate Adventure
  • The Pirate Adventure
  • The Pirate Adventure


  1. I think that this book is great because it has brilliant pictures and writing. My favourite part is when Winnie dresses as a pirate and Wilbur dresses as a funny looking parrot!

    Elsie Halls
  2. This story is very interesting and the pictures are fabulous as always. My 5-year-old son and I adore Winnie’s books; we just wish we could get our hands on them all here in Bosnia!

  3. I like the humour in the book. My favourite funny part is when Wilbur climbed up into the crows nest.

    Anna Deva Szofia
  4. Great book hillarious jokes at the end of amazing book

    Rose, AFRICA

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